Data Use Agreement

Whenever NDACC data is used in a publication the authors agree to acknowledge both the NDACC data center and the data provider as follows:

“The data used in this publication were obtained from institute or PI name as part of the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC) and are publicly available (see”

If substantial use is made of NDACC data in a publication an offer of co-authorship will be made through personal contact with the data providers or owners.

Users of NDACC data are expected to consult the online documentation and reference articles to fully understand the scope and limitations of the instruments and resulting data and are encouraged to contact the appropriate NDACC PI (listed in the data documentation on the web page) to ensure the proper use of specific data sets.

Those using NDACC data in a talk or paper are asked to to inform the Theory and Analysis Working Group PIs and J. Wild so that we may add the publication to our publications list.