ASOPOS 2.0 Panel Holds Remote Meeting 18-20 March 2020


The Assessment of Standard Operating Procedures for OzoneSondes (ASOPOS) 2.0 Panel held a remote meeting from 18-20 March 2020. ASOPOS is compiling results from laboratory, field, and pressure chamber experiments to communicate the latest knowledge and best practices for the operation of electrochemical concentration cell (ECC) ozonesondes, a key component of the NDACC network. The panel is assembling a new WMO/GAW Report to update WMO/GAW Report No. 201, which can be found HERE. The ~20 participants included ozonesonde experts from around the world, representatives from ECC manufacturers and software providers, NDACC Steering Committee co-chair Anne Thompson, and Sonde Working Group co-chairs René Stübi and Ryan Stauffer.